Wednesday, March 18, 2009

... Presentation (gulpppp.....)

Pagi2 bukak email, dpt nih dari Boss.....

- Please be informed that there will be a “TEAM BUILDING AND ICE BREAKING PROGRAM” as per scheduled below:-

· Date: 21st March 2009
· Time 9.30 am
· Venue : FFSD Gombak Multi purpose room.

- Please bring a round neck T Shirt for presentation purpose (Jangan pakai)
- Please prepare a 10 minutes presentation on "Menu Engineering"


Introduction and personality test

Ice breaking session – Ice Breaking game

Introduction to team Building

Selected presentation

T. Shirt Presentation

Team Building game

Other Presentation




* Adeh, ni yg ketaq lutut dah nih... Da bper lama dah x buat bende2 cmnih (public skiping.. errr.... speaking + presentation) .. Mau kene pi mintak air penenang... Tulunnnn... Tulunnnnn.....

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