Saturday, March 14, 2009

... Tag =P


Baru lepas jejalan kat blog Mrs. Elyn (sowi, xtaw nak wat link cmne... :-( )

Jmpe tag nih... So nak pecah rekod kali ptama wat tag.. Hehehe...


For all you married people out there! Tag your married friends that you want to know about.(Don’t forget to tag the person that tagged you)

1. When was your engagement?
- 9 Feb'08

2. When is your marriage anniversary?
- 26 Dec'08 (My besday jgk... hikss..)

3. How long have you known your spouse?
- Mmmmm... Memula kenal awal thn 2007 x silap...

4. How long did you date before you got engaged?
- Start rapat Mei'07... Muehehehehee...

5. Where did you meet your spouse?
- Kat pusat servis kete.... :">

6. What is your spouse’s full name?
- Mohd Ali Omar

7. Do you have any children?
- Lum lg...

8. How many?
- Nil =P

9. Do you have any pets?
- Xde... Dlu ader ikan laga, tp da mati.. Terus x bela dah...

10. Do you own or rent?
- Own

11. Do you live in the country, city/town?
- Cheras tu city ke town ek? =P

12. What is your favorite activity you do together?
- Mamam, tgk cite lawak, jejalan... Sweet!

13. Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
- Tak kisah memane... Apepun bercuti di rumah yg plg best... Rumahku Syurgaku.. (cewahh..)

14. How many siblings do you have including in-laws?
- Wah... ramai nih... Saye je 9 beradik.. Smua da kawen.. Pu ader 3 beradik, Pu sowg je da kawen.. Kiralah...

15. What mosque do you attend?
- Masjid Al Azim, Pandan Indah...

16. Is this the mosque you got marrried in?
- Takla... kat umah

17. What town is your current address?
- Cheras... Lalalala

18. Do you work or stay home?
- Kije..

19. Where did you go for your honeymoon?
- Kchg, Swk...

20. Leave a piece of marriage advice:
- Hormat-mghormati, saling menghargai & terima kelebihan serta kekurangan masing2... =)

Sesape rajin, jemputla wat.... Hihihi...

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